Francesca Maffeo Gallery is celebrating its 1-year anniversary on Saturday 17th June from 12.00-5.00pm


Join us for the exhibition preview of Isidro Ramirez 'Uncertain Topographies' & also an artists' talk and book signing from Spencer Murphy presenting 'Urban Dirt Bikers'


Isidro Ramirez: Uncertain Topographies


Francesca Maffeo Gallery is pleased to present ‘Uncertain Topographies’ by Isidro Ramirez, opening on 17th June 2017.

This body of work is situated on Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta, known to be one of the most dangerous and active volcanoes in the world, Ramirez undertook an exploration of the landscape and the relationships that humans forge around it, in a place where the volcano has posed an ever-present threat to ‘normal’ existence for nearly 500 years; Ramirez delicately records his journey’s of the surrounding villages and the inhabitants relationship with the ‘fire mountain’.

Over one million people live near the imposing volcano and some villages are located only a staggering 2kms away from its summit. This normalisation of life after frequent periodical eruptions and the proximity of villages to a very dangerous volcano could be explained by the many benefits it brings to the communities that have made this land their home.



Spencer Murphy ‘Urban Dirt Bikers’ 

Artists’ Talk & Book Signing - Saturday 17th June/2pm

Francesca Maffeo Gallery welcomes back Spencer Murphy to celebrate the galleries 1 year anniversary, hosting an exhibition in our print room accompanied by an artists’ talk and book signing. In his newest body of work Murphy explores the subculture of dirt bikers in London, capturing an unchartered underground ‘Bike Life’ scene that is growing in popularity.

Whatever their ride – dirt bikes, quads, mopeds – tearing up tarmac and pulling stunts on industrial estates and city streets is self-expression. In the face of the law and a hostile public, they are united by a passion and a way of life that few outsiders appreciate. 

Often hidden in industrial estates or disused airstrips where they won’t draw too much unwanted attention from the public or the police, riders will gather on the weekends for secret ride-outs, demonstrating immense skill as they pull all manner of stunts. Murphy’s accomplished portraits capture the style and attitude of a movement that is life or death for its followers, and his images are accompanied by a selection of quotes, giving us an insight into the minds of these thrill-seeking riders.


All works in the exhibition will be available to purchase via the Gallery direct or via our online print sales HERE

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