Alexander Missen: Q&A

Francesca Maffeo Gallery is delighted to present ‘Q&A’, a solo exhibition by British photographer Alexander Missen. 

Opening on 8th September 2017, this exhibition showcases over seventy images, which journey across the United States of America, providing an examination of cultural symbolism and how the motifs we associate with America have affected the reality of place and people.

Landing in Memphis and driving west on the I-40, Missen was perturbed to discover that the America he expected simply didn’t exist, feeling he was mis-sold; the America he was seeking felt out of reach. 

“What I ultimately came to realise was that the America I expected did exist – but only in small pockets. It had to be sought out and curated into a kind of simulacrum and in turn became an analogy for the act of photographing itself; an odd exercise in choosing what to point the camera at, what to exclude or ignore and what to embrace.” 

In addition to ‘Q&A’, Missen will be introducing his new project ‘Common Futures’ in our print room gallery. A series of images which explore the visual language of the future, looking at why we deem some designs and imagery to be enduringly futuristic, often regardless of age or application. In this body of work, Missen looks at the imagery and design that has shaped our aesthetic understanding of the future and that which tends to recur repeatedly.


All works in the exhibition will be available to purchase via the Gallery direct or via our online print sales HERE

The Full Press Release can be downloaded here