The Summer Exhibition 2018.jpg

Francesca Maffeo Gallery is pleased to present our 'Summer Exhibition', presenting works from gallery artists, Sophie Harris-Taylor, Jennifer Pattison, Laura Pannack, Alexander Missen, Joe Mania, Spencer Murphy, Isidro Ramirez, Paul Gorman and Rachel Warne.

To coincide with our Summer Exhibition Francesca Maffeo gallery is delighted to host an artist talk with Matthew Finn, presenting his vintage collection from 'School of Art'. Taking place on Saturday 25th August | 3pm | £5

Our Print Room Gallery will be filled with Finn's vintage collection of hand made silver gelatin prints, printed during the late 1990's and early 2000's.  

'In 1997, the last decade before cell phones and social media, we discussed, argued and tried things out, not because we were told to but because we wanted to. Everything seemed possible'

During the 1990s it was still possible to find pockets of liberal, free thinking attitudes to making work, surrounded by stunning slightly crumbling decor, large windows, high ceilings and polished parquet flooring. 'School of Art' looks at the environments, where these creative young individuals cultivated ideas and opinions and made work that they believed in whilst still adhering to the old traditions still relevant in the Art School. Students lost in academic systems could break free from the shackles of Uniforms and text books and make their mark, given time to figure out what they wanted and who they were in a free open minded environment. School of Art allows us to take a closer look at the environments, the individuals, and the styles that made these unique and much loved at a time before work loads, computer consoles, small rooms, Human resources and of course fees.

The book 'SCHOOL OF ART', by Matthew Finn is due to be published with Stanley/Barker in November 2018.  You can Pre Order your copy HERE

All works in the exhibition will be available to purchase via the Gallery direct or via our online print sales.