Trish Morrissey: Finding the self in the other

Saturday 5th October 2019 | 10.30-16.30

Tickets | £95 ( £75 student price)

By using the pay by invoice option we are able to take payment in 2 instalments of 50% of the ticket price. The first is payable within 7 days of booking and the balance 7 days prior to the event.

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Francesca Maffeo Gallery is delighted to host;

Trish Morrissey: Finding the self in the other. A workshop interrogating the performance element of the act of photographing and the act of being photographed.

Traditional portrait photography could be said to be a kind of artistic theft where the photographer aims to show us a hidden side of the sitter. But in reality, the portrait is not so much a ‘true likeness’ but rather a picture of the photographer’s projected desires onto another body. Both the subject and photographer are performing roles.

What happens when the self is the subject as well as the author? What happens when the self-portrait is not of the self, but of someone else, whether real or imagined?

Using my work and pictures/objects brought in by participants, we will look at various methods of finding and performing characters. Performing the self and others.

Participants to bring

1. An item of clothing or a personal effect/object picked up from a charity shop/flea market.

2. Some photographs of someone you don’t know, a portrait that interests you, that you are drawn to, and a character that you find intriguing. Can be from the web/pinterest/someone’s album/charity shop etc. 

3. Preferably dates 10+ years, it is more interesting to think about other lives that are not entirely present tense, though we will work through characters who are contemporary.

4. A camera capable of moving image/sound recording.

Refreshments & Lunch Provided