Student Programme


Our dedicated student programme is designed to meet the needs of students studying at GCSE level and those in Further and Higher Education, and provides support and expertise according to the specific requirements of the curriculum. 

The programme also offers dedicated guidance in Higher Education and Postgraduate applications.

The gallery is an Arts Award Supporter and welcomes enquiries from those studying at all levels of their Arts Award qualification.


To book any of our education opportunities, or to simply find out more, please email


Exhibition Workshops

These workshops are designed to extend students’ visual literacy skills, exploring the use of critical language and terminology. 

Learners are guided through our exhibitions and the photographs in our Print Room collections, and participate in learning through discussion, games and sketchbook work. 

The aim of each session is to enable learners to discuss photographs by exploring formal elements, concept, meaning and contextual references.

This workshop is suited to school and college groups and must be accompanied by a teacher.



Student Surgeries

Our student surgeries are dedicated to students studying Art or Photography in Further and Higher Education. 

These 1-1 tutorial sessions are designed to support the individual needs of the student as they navigate university applications, final projects and dissertations. Our surgeries are interactive, with students producing work in response to guidance given during a session.         


Surgeries provide a fully bespoke programme covering a range of needs, including:

Higher Education and Postgraduate Applications: providing support throughout the application process, usually through UCAS or directly to the institution. This includes the completion of forms, personal statement writing and an appraisal of a portfolio if required. 

Dissertation/Essay Supervision: offering initial guidance on themes and proposals, to the full supervision of a complete essay

Practical Development Workshops: providing guidance on practical approaches to a major project, advice on research methods, support in developing your project proposal, and reviewing work in progress.




Each session lasts 2 hours and costs £100 for a maximum of 10 students per group


Booking Information

email:  education@francescamaffeogallery

Workshops will take place during normal gallery hours on a day and time to suit your needs, and are bookable in advance.




Surgery sessions are charged at £35 per hour


Booking Information


Sessions are bookable in advance and can take place on a day and time to suit your needs.

A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended in order for students to review, respond and produce work