Inspired by Cervantes and Velázquez, British photographer Richard Page travelled around Spain documenting a country struggling to recover from economic disaster

Security, 2016

In his series Dialogue of the Dogs, photographer Richard Page hints at anxieties just beneath the surface in sunny landscapes of modern-day Spain. The series is on show atFrancesca Maffeo Gallery, Leigh-on-Sea, until 25 February

Security, 2016

Security, 2016

Lurcher, 2014

The series takes its name from a story by Cervantes, about a pair of dogs who, given the power of speech for one night, talk about the cruelty of humanity

Parque de El Retiro, 2016

The photo series begins at the final resting places of Cervantes and Spanish painter Velázquez, and then hops between various locations in Spain

Road V, 2015

‘Like a modern day Don Quixote, Page sets out on a voyage across La Mancha, Spain, and much like Cervantes’s hero, he manages to reveal the timeless essence of the land,’ writes curator Rodrigo Orrantia

Ballpark, 2016

‘Quiet and surreal, the landscapes in Dialogue of the Dogs are the setting for unexpected encounters, with resonances of Cervantes’s main themes: power, illusion and truth’

Fillips Seat, 2016

The Spain that Page documents is one that has been rocked by years of economic uncertainty

Broken Columns, 2016

A building boom – and subsequent crash – has led to swaths of unfinished housing and unrepaired infrastructure

Valle de los Caidos, 2016

There are images of isolation, hubris and ennui – but there are also touches of wit, warmth and love