‘Photography separates what is unimportant or irrelevant from what is pertinent and poignant.’

Isidro Ramirez is a Spanish photographer who, after 20 years spent living, working and studying in the UK, is now based in Singapore.  Having graduated from the University of Brighton in 1998 with a BA in Editorial Photography, Ramirez went on to receive his MA in Photography and Urban Culture in 2006 from Goldsmiths.

Alongside developing his practice as a contemporary urban photographer, Ramirez now also lectures at Temasek Polytechnic.

His work is a delicate balance between what is real and what is perceived, between the fabric of the place and the texture of memory.  Driven by ideas, theories and concepts, Ramirez travels extensively – a key element of his creative process.

Ramirez’s works have been exhibited widely in major cities across Europe and the USA, including Berlin, Vienna, Bogota and Los Angeles.  As a member of the Association of Urban Photographers, Ramirez most recently exhibited in Streetopolis, a collective exhibition shown in London, Barcelona and New York responding to the theme of ‘streets of the world’, through contemporary fine art, urban and documentary photography.  As urbanists, the members of this international collective focus on aspects of urban life in their work, including architecture, portraiture, objects and the street.

His latest project is located at Mount Merapi, the most active stratovolcano in Indonesia.  Ramirez undertook an exploration of the landscape and the relationships that humans forge around it, in a place where the volcano has posed an ever-present threat to ‘normal’ existence for nearly 500 years.

Francesca Maffeo Gallery exhibited this work in June 2017.

In addition to his artwork, Ramirez has participated in numerous lectures and symposiums, including the ‘City to Sea’ symposium at Goldsmiths.  He has also delivered talks at The Tate, The Photographers’ Gallery and Photofusion.

Ramirez is also widely published, with a growing list of books, journals and articles to his name.  His work has been featured in a number of publications, including Hotshoe’s ‘Crude Metaphors’, London Independent Photography, Next Level, Exit, and the British Journal of Photography, as well as international publications in Italy, the USA, Germany and Singapore. In addition, he has had five books published by The Velvet Cell; his most recent, Modest Interventions and Minor Improvisations, is available to purchase from Francesca Maffeo Gallery.


© Isidro Ramirez

'Uncertain Topographies' by Isidro Ramirez

In this beautiful film we walk alongside Ramirez as he explores this body of work, offering a valuable insight into his processes and practice as an urban photographer.

A special thanks to Simon Rowe for the production of this film ©Simon Rowe, courtesy of Francesca Maffeo Gallery