Jordi Huisman is a documentary and editorial photographer based in the Netherlands. 

He studied Engineering, Design & Innovation before attending the KABK Art Academy in The Hague to study photography.

Working as a freelance photographer since 2005, Huisman combines editorial and commercial work with documentary photography, focusing on the urban environment we live in and on the disparate ways we occupy, shape and modify it – not only in his native Netherlands but across the world.

His ongoing project Rear Window focuses on the rear side of buildings in metropolises all over the world. The work reveals, with a voyeuristic eye, the architectural chaos behind the neat and orderly facade of the buildings. The series documents rarely seen urban scenarios in their spontaneity and disarrangement, and naturally highlights cultural differences between the cities.

"Where architects design the fronts of buildings, the backs seem to ignore urban planning. These rear views of homes in old cities appear to have grown in a much more organic fashion. Sometimes the backside is neatly plotted, but greenery takes over and creates visual confusion. While one balcony is home to a large satellite dish, the neighbouring landing becomes a storage space. In Southeast Asia, air conditioning units form a façade on their own, whereas in Northern Europe a Christmas tree once planted in the courtyard has grown into a massive obstacle".

Rear Window has been exhibited worldwide and and published as an artists' monograph with The Velvet Cell in 2013. Huisman has also been published widely, most recently in 2016 his work has been published in Metal Magazine Fotografia magazine and #Photography Magazine




© Jordi Huisman