Meet the Artists 'Via, The Summer Exhibition' 

Saturday 19th August 2017 / 2pm

In conjunction with our Summer Exhibition, Francesca Maffeo Gallery invites you to attend a 'Meet the Artist' event with Matthew Finn, Celine Marchbank, David Chancellor, Laura Pannack and Sophie Harris-Taylor on Saturday 19th August commencing at 2pm.

Finn, Marchbank, Chancellor, Pannack and Harris-Taylor will each introduce their exhibited projects before being joined by gallery director Francesca Genovese for an informal discussion.

This will be followed by refreshments, provided by the gallery, and an opportunity for the audience to further speak to the artists.



Tickets: £5 per person: 

Spaces are limited to 30 and are bookable in advance

Email:  education@francescamaffeogallery for enquiries

© Matthew Finn



Matthew Finn

Finn’s photographic practice’s are a collaboration between the people who were important in is life, these personal projects have been developed over long periods of time.

In ‘School of Art’ Finn made images of art students whom he has worked with in various art colleges in England. Surrounded by stunning slightly crumbling decor, large windows, high ceilings and polished parquet flooring. ‘School of Art’ looks at the environments where these creative young individuals cultivated ideas and opinions and made work that they believed in.

Since 1987 Matthew has been collaborating with his Mother Jean in a series of portraits that depict her everyday rituals set within her home in Leeds. ‘Mother’ Documents everyday moments, using the family home as a backdrop, this extraordinary project spanned 29 years.

‘Mother’ is also published as a photobook by Dewi Lewis Publishing.




Celine Marchbank

Celine Marchbank is represented by L A Noble Gallery and is our guest artist. Marchbank is fascinated by the quiet details of everyday life. Much of her personal work is biographical in nature, telling small personal stories.

“Her tender and intimate project ‘Tulip’ takes you through the final chapter of her mother’s life, titled after her mother’s favourite flower. This poignant portrait of a mother and daughter is full of sensitivity and beauty. Perfect moments in daily life are captured by Marchbank with a lightness of touch that renders each image with a magical quality that illuminates any space in which it is displayed. Her pictures remind us of the beauty of life no matter how small the environment, there is wonder in the familiar that we should appreciate.” Laura Noble, Director L A Noble Gallery

‘Tulip’ is also published as a photobook by Dewi Lewis Publishing.





David Chancellor

Love and loss, life and death, are at the heart of Chancellor’s work, whether looking at the elephant poaching crisis in Africa, documenting a mountain lion hunt in Utah or photographing his wife and son in a hotel room in Zurich – the viewer is always confronted with what Myles Little (Senior Photo Editor TIME) so eloquently describes as ‘loss and love intertwined forever.’

‘Handle Like Eggs’ journeys between Chancellor’s private and public work. Known widely for his projects dedicated to wildlife conservation, this body of work brings this together with the other ‘node in David’s universe’, his family. These works offer a stark antidote to his documentary practice but allows them to exist in parallel, as this is how they exist for Chancellor; family permeates the landscape of wild animals, whilst the ‘lingering scent and memory of hunts’ punctuate the domesticity of home.








Laura Pannack

Pannack seeks to fully understand the lives of those she captures on film in order to portray them as truthfully as possible. Perceiving “time, trust and understanding” to be the key elements to achieving this, many of her projects develop over several years, helping her achieve a genuine connection between herself and her sitter and allowing her to capture the intimacy, shared ideas and shared experiences of this relationship. This is evident in her work with young people (eg ‘Chayla at Shul’ and ‘Shay’) 

Her major body of work ‘Youth Without Age, Life Without Death: Chapter 1’, is a personal photographic journey, exploring the fragility of life. This series is concerned with themes of time, journeys and the cycle of life and death. Set in the Romanian landscape and created over the past four years it takes inspiration from a local folk tale, following the story of a young prince on his quest for eternal life. The work sensitively responds to the strong role that folklore plays within Romanian culture.

‘Against The Dying of the Light’ a monograph by Laura Pannack is now available in conjunction with the Prix HSBC pour la photographie



Sophie Harris-Taylor

Throughout her work, Harris-Taylor continually seeks truth, compelled by an enduring sense of beauty in honesty – whatever it may reveal. Her work is a constant enquiry about relationships, be it the relationship of the subject with themselves or others, or the relationship between herself and the subject. Documenting her own life with those close to her, ‘MTWTFSS Chapter 1. 2010-2015’ seeks to capture “everyday, forgotten nothings” – the everyday moments between two people shared in familiar, often mundane, surroundings.

This is a body of work about intimacy, it is about beauty and love, it is vulnerable and honest. We are invited into these friendships, these loves, their travels and the spaces in which they relate to each other.

‘MTWTFSS Chapter 1. 2010-2015 ’ is also available as a self - published photobook.