Rhiannon Adam selected for the inaugural TPG New Talent Award

TPG New Talent | Exhibition Dates 14 JUN - 06 OCT 2019

The Photographers Gallery, 16 - 18 Ramillies Street, London, W1F 7LW

We are delighted to announce that our represented artist Rhiannon Adam has been selected for the TPG New Talent Award. A group showcase of the eight artists selected for the inaugural TPG New Talent (TNT) mentoring programme.

Showing a range of approaches to both the medium and exhibition making, the artists selected for the first edition of TPG New Talent (TNT) present works which encompass the full spectrum of photographic practices today.

From the experimental to the documentary, both the works and presentations test the capacity and materiality of the form, using found imagery, surface manipulation, collage and 3D processes to document contemporary stories through personal memories and collective myths.

38. Cushana_and_the_Frigates_web.jpg

Rhiannon Adam Cushana and the Frigates, Down Landing, from the series Big Fence/ Pitcairn Island, 2015 – 2018

Rhiannon Adam (b.1985, Ireland) 

Big Fence / Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn is the last British Overseas Territory in the South Pacific, home to descendants of the infamous Bounty mutiny. The tiny, isolated, volcanic, island measures just two by one miles, and is several days sail away from the nearest airstrip.

Despite the reality of its imposing cliffs and lack of beach, to many outside observers, Pitcairn epitomises Utopia – a vision cultivated by Hollywood’s romanticised adaptations of the ‘Bounty’ story. In 2004, this façade slipped, when a series of child sexual abuse allegations emerged, leading to convictions of eight Pitcairn men, including the current mayor. Despite best efforts to repopulate, by 2015, fewer than forty islanders and just one child remained.

For this project, Rhiannon Adam made the long journey to Pitcairn and, due to the infrequent shipping schedule, was trapped on the island for three months. Naturally suspicious of ‘journalists’, Pitcairners were reluctant to be photographed and mostly appear alone, away from prying eyes.  

Within the range of formats, Adam used expired Polaroid film, its instability echoing the scarred underbelly of the island. The project also presents a selection of audio, archive and ephemera, creating a powerful and unsettling exploration of this claustrophobic ‘Paradise Lost’ – a broken society shrouded in mistrust.

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