'Photography is intrinsically linked to vision in the way that objects appear. The way that light emits from the object and touches the eye is indexical in much the same way that light etches into the sensitive surface of film.'

Paul Gorman is a fine art photographer from Somerset, now living in Glasgow. Recently just graduated from Glasgow School of Art where he studied a Masters in Fine Art Practice. Previously educated at The Arts University at Bournemouth. Creating images from nature, his work allows him to explore new places and experiment with different image techniques.

Throughout his work, Gorman incorporates theories of vision and its relationship to photography, allowing him to challenge the viewers’ perceptions and encourage them to engage with the sublime when they are in the landscape. His work makes reference to phenomenology - the structure of different forms of experience that include perception, thought, memory, imagination, emotion and desire.

Gorman works predominantly with traditional film techniques, using medium and large format cameras, while also exploring his passion for alternative printing processes. Through the use of multiple exposures, his work depicts the amalgamation and layering of many different images, allowing him to capture available light and shadow from the landscape and merge it to create beautiful abstractions of nature.

Throughout Gorman’s work there exists an understanding of how photography works – an experimentation of techniques that are inherent within the medium, incorporating many of the methods that allow a photograph to transpire. By incorporating these different effects, the images challenge what we know about the world through vision, which consequently leave a thought-provoking and stimulating impression on the viewer.

Gorman’s work has been exhibited in a range of shows that include the group show Noeme at Charing Cross’ Underground Gallery; his solo show, Around the Landscape, was exhibited at Taunton’s Crescent Gallery in 2011.  He is a Gold Winner of the LPA Landscape Series, and in 2014, his work was published in ‘The State of Art – Landscape & Portrait #1’, a snapshot of contemporary art practice from 41 landscape and portrait artists.

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