'Photo Social' with Guest Speaker Dean Chalkley:

Photographer & Film Maker

Friday 29th March 2019 | 19.00 - 21.00


Tickets | £5.00

Daft Punk © Dean Chalkley / NME / TI_Media

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Francesca Maffeo Gallery is delighted to welcome Dean Chalkley, Photographer & Film Maker to our next 'Photo Social'.  

Growing up in Southend-on-Sea, in the 1980’s, Dean embraced the Mod youth sub-culture - the clothes, scooters, records, as well as the attitude, played a big part in defining his photographic outlook. Time passed and Deans musical tastes and views have become more expansive, exposure to many different scenes has broadened his perspective, however the foundation and core of the Mod ethos still remains close to his heart.

Chalkley will talk us through his prolific career to date, offering the opportunity for Q&A, followed by relaxed social time, nibbles and refreshments. 


Scott & Thomas #3 © Dean Chalkley / Camera Press

About Dean | deanchalkley.com

Dean Chalkley has produced iconic images at the intersection of music, culture and fashion for the past two decades. 

Widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading portrait photographers, Dean’s vast body of work has become a definitive survey of eminent musicians, bands, artists and subcultural pioneers. Dean is prolific and his journey continues at speed.

Through his independent projects Dean explores style and expression, modern incarnations of the Northern Soul and Mod movements to Rave culture, contemporary Rudeboys and beyond. 

Dean’s passion for creative remix and resistance generates work that continuously redefines British cultural history. This personal work leads to commissions for publications, brands and record labels, extending the reach of his message and subject matter whilst retaining the integrity and focus of his direction. 

Originally trained as a tailor, a love of sartorial style has filtered into many of his most notable projects, none more so than the seminal exhibition Return of the Rudeboy. This immersive exhibition was first presented at Somerset House in London and saw an important and rarely documented subculture propelled onto the main stage in one of the UK’s major institutions. Imagined and organised in collaboration with creative director Harris Elliott, the six room exhibition explores the style, swagger and significance of 21st century Rudeboys. Dean’s portraits presented a global picture of the impeccable style, confidence and independence at the heart of the movement.

As a filmmaker Dean focuses on individuals and communities from the fringes of British culture, delivering unusual perspectives in often gritty and poetic ways. Young Souls, The New Faces, Serge and The Arena are all moving image components to his stills based projects. 

Dean’s latest short film ‘Kojey Radical: Short Film’ focuses on one of the most exciting emerging artists from the UK. This beautifully paced work delves into the mind of east London polymath Kojey Radical, it is a significant marker of the point just before Kojey explodes into the general public’s consciousness.

What is 'Photo Social'?

'Photo Social' is a space for practicing photographers of all levels to meet up and network with like minded people, a space to share work and gain valuable peer support.

We will also be providing the community with industry talks, workshops and portfolio reviews that aim to support various aspects of photographic practice.

Who is it open to?

The event is open to all individuals who have a strong interest in photography.  Whether you are an amateur, student, or an established professional, all are welome!

What will you take away from the event?

The aim of 'Photo Social' is to gather the local photography community together, getting you to engage with each other through networking and discussion.  This opens up a wonderful space to develop ideas and even collaborate with each other.   The gallery will schedule various talks and workshops to provide a broad range of support and professional development opportunities for you to 'Connect, Develop & Succeed'