Polaroid Photography: A Hacker's Guide with Rhiannon Adam

Saturday 26th May 2018 | 10.00-17.30


Tickets | £95










We are delighted to host a full day Polaroid workshop with Rhiannon Adam

Photographer and Polaroid expert Rhiannon Adam leads this hands-on day session that explores some of the ways in which the unique chemistry of the Polaroid photograph can be manipulated to become a unique piece of art. 

In addition, participants will also gain a technical insight into the various incarnations of the instant camera and the evolving film chemistry, from the emergence of peel-apart cameras in the 1960s to the SX-70 cameras of the 70s, right through to recent analogue/digital hybrid cameras.

This knowledge will enable you to leave the workshop fully equipped to select the camera that works best for you, and to feel confident in attempting a range of creative manipulation methods. 

Rhiannon Adam is represented by Francesca Maffeo Gallery and her exhibition Big Fence / Pitcairn Island is currently on show until 9th June - more info here https://www.francescamaffeogallery.com/current/

Adam is the author of Polaroid: The Missing Manual, The Complete Creative Guide (Thames and Hudson 2017). www.save-polaroid.com / Instagram: @rhiannon_adam

All equipment provided

Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided for this event