Big Fence / Pitcairn Island 'Sue O’Keefe, Former Warden'

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Big Fence / Pitcairn Island 'Sue O’Keefe, Former Warden'

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From the series Big Fence / Pitcairn Island

Adam’s journey and documentation of her stay on the remote island of Pitcairn is a powerful and unsettling exploration of a ‘Paradise Lost’. ‘Big Fence / Pitcairn Island’ is the first in-depth photographic project to take place on the island.

In 2015, Adam travelled to the remote island community of Pitcairn, the last British overseas territory in the South Pacific. The island measures just two miles by one mile, today just one child and 42 islanders remain, descendants from the Mutiny on the Bounty. In 2004, the island’s romantic image was tarnished by a string of high profile sexual abuse trials; as a result, islanders are particularly reticent about accepting outsiders. With her trip duration dictated by the quarterly supply vessel, there would be no way off for three arduous months.

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