Francesca Maffeo Gallery at SHE - LONDON

Francesca Maffeo Gallery is delighted to announce that we are taking part in Art For Cure’s first London exhibition She - London at Bankside Gallery. Art For Cure is fast emerging as the most successful art related fundraising charity in the UK  all money raised will go directly to the charity in supporting national research into breast cancer.

She - London is set to be a thrilling exhibition of painting, photography and sculpture which focusses on the female form, with contribution from many of the UK’s leading contemporary artists. 

We will be presenting three of our represented artists, Jennifer Pattison, Sophie Harris - Taylor & Laura Pannack. Selected for their continuous engagement with female representation, exploring the relationships between themselves and their subjects. Our curated collection presents a series of images that are rich in narrative and often a personal exploration for the photographer. Responding to such themes as Youth, Age, The Nude, Identity, Domesticity, Personal Relationships, Nostalgia & Time.

We are honoured to have been invited to take part in this exhibition and to have the opportunity to support Art for Cure & Breast Cancer Now.



Jennifer Pattison

In Sight of My Skin is an ongoing series of evocative and powerful nude portraits of women, the focus of which was to produce work that allowed her to share an experience with another women and to claim little authority for herself. From the safe position of the camera, Pattison discovered a new curiosity which drew her to bold, confident women and forced her to confront ideas about her own identity, becoming a collector, gathering images of women whose appearance and attitude she coveted. These beautiful portraits were taken in the sitter’s homes, conjuring an intimate atmosphere in which they appear completely at ease. Within the frame of each portrait there is a whisper of the domestic interior providing an insight into how Pattison perceived their world.

Sophie Harris-Taylor

Documenting her own life and relationships with those close to her, her autobiographical journal MTWTFSS seeks to capture “everyday, forgotten nothings” – the everyday moments between two people shared in familiar, often mundane, surroundings, which she believes are more important and exude more truth than any other moments. The work is broken in to five year ‘chapters’, with the cast of characters and locations evolving in each. Harris-Taylor is currently working on Chapter 2 which is now in its third year.

Sisters is the culmination of two years photographing and interviewing more than 100 sisters in an effort to better understand this most intimate of bonds. Harris-Taylor’s tender portraits combined with short interviews reveal the jealousies, fears, love and laughter that co-exist at the heart of each relationship.

Laura Pannack 

Driven by research-led, self-initiated projects, Pannack seeks to fully understand the lives of those she captures on film in order to portray them as truthfully as possible. Perceiving “time, trust and understanding” to be the key elements to achieving this, many of her projects develop over several years. Pannack always chooses to shoot with analogue film on her personal projects. Pannack’s work is often based on youth, focus on capturing the essence of youth, nostalgia and time.