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© Sophie Harris-Taylor

© Sophie Harris-Taylor



Storytelling Event: Sophie Harris-Taylor 

MTWTFSS Chapter 1. 2010-2015

Friday 19th August 2016/5pm

Be one of the first to see the exhibition and join us for the opening celebration!

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition The Gallery will be hosting a Sorytelling Event on 19th August 2016 at 5.00pm, a pre-launch private reception where Sophie will tell the stories behind the images, affording a wonderful opportunity to meet the artist and engage in a dialogue about the work.

The exhibition will also launch the book of the same name, designed by Joseph Carter in the form of a discrete, classic, leather-bound diary.  Within it, handwritten notes bring to life some of the reminiscences and context surrounding the images.  The book is available for pre order and will be signed by the artist,  you can pre order your book here.  

Throughout her work, Harris-Taylor continually seeks truth, compelled by a continual sense of beauty in honesty – whatever it may reveal.  Her work is a constant enquiry about relationships, be it the relationship of the subject with themselves or others, or the relationship between herself and the subject.  Documenting her own life  with those close to her, MTWTFSS seeks to capture “everyday, forgotten nothings” – the everyday moments between two people shared in familiar, often mundane, surroundings, which she believes are more important and exude more truth than any other moments.

“At the same time as seeking their vulnerability I was in awe of their confidence and ability to be comfortable in their own skin. In truth, I was in awe of my friends. One girlfriend in particular; she let me in, she gave me what to capture and I became almost obsessed with the act of photographing her. There were moments of sadness, moments of vulnerability, she never put up a front or undermined what I was doing, she let her guard down and this is what I became interested in.”

Ticket holders for this event will automatically be permitted entrance to the book launch and private view which follow on from this event.

Find out more about Sophie-Harris Taylor here.



Tickets: £5 per person / £3.50 for students

Booking Information

Tickets are available here:

Spaces are limited to 30 and are bookable in advance

Email:  education@francescamaffeogallery for enquiries

Refreshments will be provided, a glass of bubbly, wine, beer and soft drinks.