‘I want to capture the moments between the momentous.’

Sophie Harris-Taylor is a British fine art and portrait photographer, and lecturer in photography.  Born in 1988 in London, where she still resides, she received both her MA and BA (Hons) in Photography from Kingston University. 

Developing her interest in photography during her teenage years by documenting the lives and experiences of herself and her friends, Harris-Taylor’s work has gone on to be nominated for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize and The Renaissance Photography Prize.  Her work has also been exhibited in a range of shows, including The Young Masters.

Harris-Taylor is renowned for her images created exclusively with natural and ambient light sources, which lend her work an unusual softness and depth. She embraces the challenges of working with natural light, liberated by the process of adapting to what she is provided with and to where she is led. Stylistically, Harris-Taylor draws inspiration from the Renaissance painters for their use of light, as well as cinema for its composition and storytelling.

Throughout her work, Harris-Taylor continually seeks truth, compelled by a continual sense of beauty in honesty – whatever it may reveal.  Her work is in a constant enquiry about relationships, be it the relationship of the subject with themselves or others, or the relationship between herself and the subject.  Documenting her own life and relationships with those close to her, her autobiographical journal MTWTFSS seeks to capture “everyday, forgotten nothings” – the everyday moments between two people shared in familiar, often mundane, surroundings, which she believes are more important and exude more truth than any other moments.

As an emerging artist, Harris-Taylor has been interviewed by a number of publications, including Entitle Magazine, Artisan Magazine, Kaltbult Magazine, Fotografia Magazine and Strant Magazine, while her work has been featured in titles such as The Telegraph, Nailed, Fish Eye, and Minus 37. Her portrait work is published in titles that include The Sunday Times, Rolling Stone magazine, The Guardian, Nylon and The Evening Standard, with commissioned work for clients including Microsoft, Universal Music, Warner Brothers, Sony, Glass Note Records and Polydore. 

Harris-Taylor will be exhibiting at Francesca Maffeo Gallery in August 2016, as well as launching her book, MTWTFSS: Chapter 1 (2010-2015)

© Sophie Harris-Taylor